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 Thinking of my Grandma

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Getting to know MSH
Getting to know MSH

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PostSubject: Thinking of my Grandma   2010-04-09, 23:13

Here lately I have been thinking of my grandma. She passed away my senior year in high school. March 11 2003. Chris and I got married on March 11, 2007. I didnt really pick the day he did. I didnt know what day it was until my mom said something to me a week before our I dos. I didnt forget the day its just i was so busy. I broke down when i was reminded. But my mom told me it will be a day for loss of a loved one and a happy day b/c its our wedding anniversary. that its a reason to be happy. Well this year my mom did forget it was our anniversary. Its ok with me b/c i know why she did its the day her mom died. She felt so bad for forgetting it. But lately for some unknown reason she pops into my head. and i cant help but smile and some days cry. there are days that i wish chris could meet her. she was very special to me. i am blessed to have chris grandma. i feel like shes mine but its not the same. i really wish that she could of been here to meet my son. im kind of jealous that chris grandma is still around. this year alone we have lost two loved ones. and both i have never met but wanted too. its just that they lived in maryland and we lived in florida or up here. one was jacobys great great grandma and the other his great great great aunt. I LOVE YOU Grandma. Im a supporter of the Pink Warriors bcawareness
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PostSubject: Re: Thinking of my Grandma   2010-04-10, 13:01

<3hug Hiede I remember your grandma so well! The reason she is on your mind is because she it letting you know she is there && watching over you!! Like your mom said one love was lost on March 11th but another love of 2 people were joined together && 2 years later you were blessed with an angel && that would be Mr. JW!! I know how it feels I have been thinking of My Pawpaw alot && I smelled his scent the other night. Grandma is there letting you know she is watching over you from heaven && maybe she is going to be apart of your little piece of Heaven that you are TTC! I love you girl && you know you call me anytime you need me!! I miss you so much!! I thought of you when I put the Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon Up!!! Our Grand Parents along with our other loved ones that were lost are in Heaven rainbow Smiling down on us!! I love you Hunnie!!!! bighug


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PostSubject: Re: Thinking of my Grandma   2010-04-11, 05:54

That's normal girl! My grandma was my best friend and she passed away from cancer 6 years ago, and not a day goes by that i dont think of her! Just remember the good times, and remember she is never truly gone for she is always in your heart and watching over you!!
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PostSubject: Re: Thinking of my Grandma   

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Thinking of my Grandma
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