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Welcome to Military Sweethearts also known as MSH! I am Amber your Admin/Creator here I created MSH almost a year ago to help Military Wives,Fiances && Girlfriends to have a place to go an vent,get support an advice as well as make new friends. Come on in an sit on down Read && Sign the Rules,Post an Intro so we know who you are an Jump in on posting :) Working with me to keep the forum going is Crys && Samantha they are Mods here an we are all here to help you. Looking forward to getting to know each an everyone of you.

<3 Amber

Come in, sit down, relax && talk with like minded Military Spouses, Girlfriends, Fiances && Family Members
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Welcome to Military Sweethearts. Come in, sit down,and put your feet up.
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 Ladies PLEASE Bare With Me.

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PostSubject: Ladies PLEASE Bare With Me.   2010-06-19, 11:19

I am having marital problems I won't go into detail but I need time to sort this all out. When I made MSH I told myself I would NEVER in a million years take time off from the site but after the events of yesterday I have to. Crys is going to be here && is going to be helping you ladies out. I am Tremedously sorry that I have to take this break. I may pop in here && there but I more then likely will not be on daily through out the day like I usually am. I feel bad doing this but with thoughts racing through my head && things going wrong with my marriage do to the situation we are in with living an so forth. The time apart do to the ARMY not doing their jobs to get things done the RIGHT way. I can't have marriage fall apart I love Tony with EVERY inch of my being this man is my WHOLE world!! I have shed many tears in the past 24 hours && have made many late night calls to a few of my closest friends who know both my husband && myself in a complete mess. Sad I have cried enough tears to fill the ocean Sad I love Anthony to the moon && back there is a star in the sky for every reason I love him,if I could get the moon && all the planets along with the starts from the sky to give this man I would!!! If he needed every ounce of my blood to keep him alive or any of my organs that would be a match for him I would gladly give it all to him. So please bare with me as I need to do some searching && finding myself again as well as try to save my marriage I love each && everyone of you lovely AMAZING Supportive ladies.


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Ladies PLEASE Bare With Me.
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