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Welcome to Military Sweethearts also known as MSH! I am Amber your Admin/Creator here I created MSH almost a year ago to help Military Wives,Fiances && Girlfriends to have a place to go an vent,get support an advice as well as make new friends. Come on in an sit on down Read && Sign the Rules,Post an Intro so we know who you are an Jump in on posting :) Working with me to keep the forum going is Crys && Samantha they are Mods here an we are all here to help you. Looking forward to getting to know each an everyone of you.

<3 Amber

Come in, sit down, relax && talk with like minded Military Spouses, Girlfriends, Fiances && Family Members
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Welcome to Military Sweethearts. Come in, sit down,and put your feet up.
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Getting to know MSH
Getting to know MSH

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PostSubject: Something...   2010-10-27, 13:31

confused Ok so on Facebook I like the page H____ H______ and they have a chat every night. Well tonight there was a guy in there who had just lost a battle buddy and wanted to chat. Well some woman flipped out cause he was in there and was like everyone in here is cheating on their SO. Anyways I was talking to a few friends also on the site who have come up with support pages but they have one for men and one for women who have been to war, when I suggest a mix page apparently it was shot down rockthrow because they think that men and women support pages should be separate to keep people from cheating on their SO.

I have no idea what I am rambling about but I am.

Is it me or does it seem wrong to separate men and women support pages all because someone thinks that CHEATING may occur? It bugs the crap out of me banghead that people think because my SO is deployed and I talk to another guy I am cheating on him. I get along better with guys than I do girls, SO knows this and he also knows I would not cheat on him. We both have opposite sex friends and neither of us have problems with it.

Does everyone think like this? If you think you are cheating by talking to or having friends of the opposite sex while your SO is deployed please give me some light into why you think that. I am just trying to understand.
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PostSubject: Re: Something...   2010-11-02, 08:00

My Point Of View.....If you "are" cheating or scared it may occur with a combined support page for men && women then there is something WRONG with these peoples heads if you ask me. I mean SERIOUSLY how man of us ladies have MALE friends on our Facebook,Myspace (if you still use that) or any other networking site? An how many of our husbands,fiances or boyfriends have FEMALE friends on those same networking site? I mean regaurdless of if you seperate the men from the women if cheating is going to occur it will find away to happen. I don't get why people think that just cause you talk to a man or a woman an you are with someone shouldn't matter you know your boundaries an what not so I see nothing wrong with it. If you want you can start a page up that supports both Male an Female Service Members who have been to war. I think it is lame for someone to say just cause you talk to another man when you are with someone it cheating cause in that case I am cheating everyday an visa versa I mean we are ALL adults an what not so I don't see what the BIG deal is. Now with a forum like this yes I see why it is FEMALES ONLY cause this is where we go to BITCH about life,marriage,relationships,ask questions an tell our dirty little secrets. Some people just can't get their heads out of their ass long enough to see what you are trying to do. I have faith that if you want to put a support page together an run it then jump on it hunnie don't let anyone tell you that you can't cause if they do show then you WILL :D


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