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Welcome to Military Sweethearts also known as MSH! I am Amber your Admin/Creator here I created MSH almost a year ago to help Military Wives,Fiances && Girlfriends to have a place to go an vent,get support an advice as well as make new friends. Come on in an sit on down Read && Sign the Rules,Post an Intro so we know who you are an Jump in on posting :) Working with me to keep the forum going is Crys && Samantha they are Mods here an we are all here to help you. Looking forward to getting to know each an everyone of you.

<3 Amber

Come in, sit down, relax && talk with like minded Military Spouses, Girlfriends, Fiances && Family Members
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 New Here :)

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PostSubject: New Here :)   2011-01-05, 08:05

Hello. I'm new to this site.
About me:
My name is Shanae, please call me Nae. I'm 17 years old and I'm a Junior in high school. I have 3 sisters, no brothers and I still live my parents. I love to draw, write short stories, and sing. I'm in my schools choir and sing high soprano. My passion is American Sign Language and Competitive Swimming. I'm in Love with my best friend who is serving in the NAVY. His name is Ulises. My parents don't really approve of me dating someone of another race, he's 100 % Hispanic but raised in Washington. They're old fashioned, but they are trying their best not to judge him

About Ulises:
Ulises is 20 and is in his first year of serving in the NAVY. He has brown buzz cut hair and beautiful brown eyes. You'll always see him with a goofy smile on his face. He has one brother and 3 sisters. He lives with his parents when he's home, but saving up for a place of his own. He's really relaxed and easy to get along with, and he'll most likely be the best friend you'll ever have.

About us:
Ulises and I met during high school. At the time I was a freshman and he was a senior. We officially met on a Choir trip to visit collage choir professors. We chatted on the bus ride up and back. We quickly hit it off, becoming best of friends, always watching out for each other and being there for one another when needed. We talked everyday and always tried to hang out. I fell in love with him near the end of my freshman year. I planned to tell him how I felt before he graduated, but lost the nerve and never did. He moved to California right after graduation. During my Sophomore year he came back to the school to visit. I learned he was getting ready for basic and we only talked once or twice while he was home. My Junior year, the year I’m currently in, he came back, finished with basic, on a 14 day leave before he was to be stationed at Norfolk, Virginia. We met up at a football game and caught up with each other. Since it was end of September/early October, and I just finished Swim Team practice right before the game, I was freezing! He was standing one step below me with his back to me so I wrapped my arms around his shoulders and told him I was cold. He laughed and put his arms back to hold me by my waist. We saw a movie the day after and I told him how I felt. He wasn’t sure if he wanted to put me through the pain of the distance. I told him that when I chose to Love him and confess to him I chose the "Military Life." He left a few days later.
We started dating on October 10, 2010. [I swear he planned that! 10/10/10! haha :) ]
He comes home on leave in March 2011, day unknown still though. He deploys in April 2011 and won’t be back till late October 2011. So we will not be able to spend Valentine’s Day and our One Year anniversary together, which saddens me but I’ll be fine :)
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PostSubject: Re: New Here :)   2011-01-05, 09:15

Welcome Nae I am Amber your Admin/Creator here at MSH :) I am glad you have chose to come join the rest of us ladies here! I am 24 years young an married to my Soldier who serves in the National Guard/Reserves (Long Story) he has been in the National Guard almost 11 years. We have been married almost a year an spent 9 months of it apart as he was away dealing with Military Business in New Mexico story for another day. Finally after being gone for 9 months he came home in December!! We are currently TTC but for now we have a fur baby who is a pure bred pit :) Currently we reside in the lovely Sunshine State where I have been my whole life.

I hope you like it here an look forward to getting to know you if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask an if you want to ask a question to the forum go ahead :) Jump on in an start posting.


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PostSubject: Re: New Here :)   2011-01-05, 12:15

Hey there Amanda. I'm the not so quiet Bestie of our amazing Admin, Amber. :D and Welcome to MSH. My name is Crystal but I go by Crys and I'm one of your mods here. I'm 25 y-o mother of 3 kids {Rebecca (6), Cameron (4 1/2), and Rose (4)}, married to my amazing husband and best friend, Matthew. We have been together since 9.12.07 and married since 4.28.10. He is in the Army National Guard. We are stationed near Luke AFB for now. :D We are hoping to go back to AD soon. :D Thanks for joining and I hope you like it here. If you have any questions please msg me. :D


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PostSubject: Re: New Here :)   2011-01-09, 06:20

Hello and Welcome. I am Samantha Mod here. MArried to my drill sergeant for 13 years.
I am a mom of 3 as well as a student. I am a home school mom and photographer.
We are glad to have you here with us.. Questions Just ask.

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PostSubject: Re: New Here :)   

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New Here :)
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